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Guar Gum Report 2013

[JULY 2014]

THL's updated 2014 Guar Gum Report sheds new light on opaque industry practices. Learn more >>

Our research team interviewed the largest cross section of industry leaders and participants for a report on this volatile commodity.

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Reverse Innovation

Based on the research and work of Professor Vijay Govindarajan, we provide end-to-end reverse innovation support services for the indian market.

"Three Headed Lion is a leading market intelligence, research and risk management company with a network of 1000+ market intelligence providers across India. THL is a useful resource for companies looking to embrace Reverse Innovation opportunities in India."
- Vijay Govindarajan
business guru + author
Reverse Innovation




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Three Headed Lion (THL) is India’s leading distributed market intelligence, research & risk management company.

THL has unrivaled last mile intelligence connectivity in India. We provide macro and ground-level insights and expertise to global businesses, investors and institutions to enable success in the complex, high potential Indian market. Our operational network of 1000+ market intelligence and information (MIIPs) providers located in 640+ districts across the subcontinent.


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We provide deep, actionable intelligence and advice across India - from urban trends (political, business, and security) to rural opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid. We're India's pioneers in the creation of district-level development audits, real-time supply chain intelligence and business risk management.

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Three Headed Lion founder Javed Matin and Dartmouth professor Vijay Govindarajan met with India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to discuss "reverse innovation" and its application in healthcare and renewable energy in India.

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